Interactive web conferencing

Interactive web conferencing are the latest achievements of the Internet. When virtual meeting rooms, they provide a global exchange of information, and the comfort of your home, with free time and without time consuming and costly journeys.

This opens up new possibilities for companies

  • conduct business – independent of time and place
  • to generate quality “leads” at a lower cost
  • world – – to communicate with branches
  • provide on-demand presentations
  • perform product demonstrations
  • hold workshops and training

As an event specialist, we offer the complete processing, planning, organizing and monitoring any kind of online meetings and events. We provide the appropriate technology and appropriate tools available.

Access to meeting rooms is comfortable and works instantly. As a user, you only need a web browser and the Adobe Flash Player. In this way, users can quickly discourage spontaneous ad hoc meetings. Web conferencing can thus become an essential tool for the effective management of daily tasks.

We organize online meetings and events with up to 2,500 participants. In this way you can reach your target audience and virtually any time with interactive multimedia, integrated telephony, and Voice over IP.

We support you already during the development and placement of your interactive seminar and event concept. Even the annoying incorporation in software technologies for falls away.

We assume for the invitation and participant management. Registration is done via a registration site – adapted to your corporate design. Participants will receive a confirmation and shortly before the beginning of an automatic email reminder. You can always view the registration status. During the online event, the moderator can involve the participants through interactive questions and Q & A features.The online event can also be recorded for later analysis or other presentation purposes.

By means of the creation of a subscriber profile, we can elicit acceptance, feedback and attention levels. we get over surveys and feedback questionnaires profound results which lead to the optimization of future online events and its contents.

The processing fee online events, we can perform for you. Here the necessary subscriber data are requested during the registration. The participant receives a personal LogIn or password. This he needed to be logged in for the event can.