SEO Trends That Will Change The Industry In 2015 – Technologycomputer

You see more and more local companies are choosing Internet marketing as an alternative distribution channel for your goods and services these days. But these companies make money from your Internet marketing efforts. And you have to track of the required installation, which leads and sales you get from Internet marketing? SEO, a large part of the Internet marketing, it has changed dramatically, and unfortunately, most companies are lagging behind in the race to capture the center of attention. In the end, there is only so much traffic that the market can give handles. Any algorithm-modification, which brings Google, small and medium enterprises are losing potential customers and potential sales. So, keeping them updated, here are the main trends-changer, shafts causes in the SEO industry:

SEO in Content marketing

Anchor tags have lost its taste. Its content, the case is now more likely. Google’s algorithms reflect the same. Web sites, which was built primarily on the content, it from the author or from the community was created, are the tops of the SERPs, regardless of backlinks or PR. User-centric content, it seems, with a focus on value to the reader, the flavor of the year. A variety of readability evaluation mechanisms of the quality of literary content already in the public domain. With Google’s massive team of engineers, which seems a better, more accurate version of the same is quite possible.

SEO and Social Media Join Hands

Google began first, by integrating Google+, its answer to Facebook, search results. Now, Google keeps track of everything comprehend Twitter tweets, Facebook promotions, how your content is perceived by users. Finally, we expected that social signals that directly influence search engine results with viral content topping Google SERPS.

SSL & Internet security have Become an Indispensable

Most sites moves one of the types of e-Commerce, the need for safety you don’t mind-in-the-middle-attacks, it became clear and necessary. User-information about the currency of the online world and thus, SSL is a must to win the trust of users as well as Google. In the “https” in the URL of your website inspires confidence and trust that Google is one of SERP.

Mobile ready gold

With more than 50 billion search requests made this year their own place in the mobile marketing industry assured today. Mobile-compatible now as the top factor, which increases SEO rankings. Your website needs to be on the first page of Google. In the end, you will not lose the income from mobile users?

The context of VS. keywords

In 2015, Google is changing, he looks at the contents. Frame to be extracting resources through deep-learning technology in which a computer can understand the meaning of content based on context, rather than relying on key words. So this is good news for forums with lively discussions, but the fact that the business sites? You have more range on your blog; maybe add a forum to your site.

Anchor-text is not important

With the rampant use of automation in the SEO industry, maybe the content of the title regardless of the site or value. Well that will change now. Google’s focus has evolved with the anchor text to the content context, which means that the binding site should be through you and not just a link to your website. Plain old backlinks to anything.

Not Only Text!

Google outlook content has changed fundamentally. Accompanying the article media, such as graphics or video need now is to get a good seat. To achieve while shooting in search of images, videos, integrated social Signals good ratings. Video with a million almost always meeting at the top of the SERPs for all keywords that it addresses.