Impact Of Information Technology On The City of Dubai – Technologycomputer

Dubai is one of seven Emirates of the city; it is a cosmopolitan city with a rich mix of cultures. It is home to a large number of people living abroad. As an internationally well-known companies in Dubai, city is the perfect platform, as well as to promote the services. With an excellent infrastructure and world class business practices, Dubai is recognized as one of the easiest cities to start a new enterprise because of their growing it services.

Drastic changes in the sectors of Dubai, many it companies, and most attracted of successful it companies have chosen Dubai as the location. The city for the purpose of growth of information and technology, and this has led to the establishment of Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Internet City. Dubai has the disk itself as a regional rotation. This is a perfect location easily accessible to the fastest growing it industry. There are several ways to software development, network design, equipment manufacturing and penetration tests in Dubai and also for other services. All elements of the it industry. We will discuss in more detail in the following sections.

Software development market in Dubai

The software market is very large. It includes different areas such as development, maintenance, publications with different models and implementations. The software industry expanded in the 20th century, before either the computer was programmed by a client. Dubai is one of the fastest growing software markets. Especially high demand was seen in the ERP-and CRM-programs. As ERP upgrade market have helped different initiatives in enhancing international competitiveness. From 2014 to 2015, the market is faced with a growth of 7 percent. It sector, the UAE is predicted to reach 5 billion U.S. dollars in 2015.

Network Security Services In Dubai

Network Security services is a platform that provides security-enabled client, which serves to secure software. Software security threats change how we are our company. In order for companies to be more efficient and cost-effective, it is important to keep the business program from cyber-threats. As demand for software grows, at the same time require a network security threat is also the leading. As a result, a professional and qualified service is necessary to protect businesses from threats in Dubai it industry.

Testing Market Dubai

The software attack on the computer system to seek the target vulnerability or security holes, which, in turn, access the data on your computer known as a penetration test or better known as pen test. Every day, many of the communication and commercial events will take place across the network, which led to the growth of cyber crime, attacks on individuals, companies, and governments.

It was reported that the rate of cyber crime was strengthened 88percent from 2013 to 2014. It is, therefore, very useful, the existence of penetration testing in Dubai. This led to the development of protection tools against viruses and cyber security services in the city.

21st century saw a dramatic increase in the use of the Internet and to keep up with the trend, Dubai, and offers pretty much everything you need from the Internet. Starting from the small scale to the largest business, Dubai your share of all types of businesses. The it industry, however, has tremendous momentum in the last decade.