Event Core

The Event Management System events Core your planning and monitoring of events simplifies immensely. You get control and visibility, at any time.

event Core actively supports the use of employees, eg., promoters or consultants, on the individual events by an integrated booking process. Vacancies are queried automatically requested substitutes and all information held centrally available. You will always have the status, whether for your event everything is 100% prepared or action is still needed.

By browser-based interface of events Core each employee or event organizer can be incorporated by Internet browser in the planning.

event core consists of several modules with their applications:

  • Event (basic) module
    Active scheduling and managing events. Book of employees, reporting and evaluation, and support for various types of events: from one-day events to roadshows with different tour stops.
  • Information Module
    This module is distributed in a simple and effective way information about the products or categories of employees. It may be simple text information through to presentation film in DVD size.
  • People module
    expertise, skills and product knowledge of employees are managed through this module. This makes it easier to find the right person for use for the respective event requirements. A rating can rate the knowledge and the quality of people and operations.